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Assorted Linux Scripts, Tools, Tips and Utilities



wav file to specimen bank (sampler format) script

lscp2rgd - linuxsampler to rosegarden instrument

midi to hydrogen

aj-snapshot - Store ALSA and JACK connections state

Download songs of an *.m3u File (mp3 collection)

Make a directory and then do this:

wget -O - | while read i; do wget -c "$i"; done

(by Ken Restivo - 16. Mai 2011 22:06 - @lau-ml)


make a *.wav swing (?)

Comparable (?) examples

(by Chris Cannam - 2. Juni 2010 16:41 - @lau-ml )


jackctl - jack control python script

(by Aaron Krister Johnson, 28. Mai 2010 18:16 - @lau-ml)


a python script for making seamless loops in samples by cross fading

It uses sox and ecasound for processing and should work with wav, aiff and flac (maybe more).

planned (?): libsndfile support.

(by Atte André Jensen, 11. Juni 2010 11:02 - @ lau-ml )


convert a Hydrogen drumkit into a SF2 soundfont

conversion examples with mplayer / mencoder

wav to mp3

for F in *.aac; do
  mplayer -ao pcm:file=$F.wav $F
  lame -h $F.wav $F.mp3;

(by Julien Claassen , 25. Dezember 2010 02:37 - @ lau-ml )


  # flac_to_mp3
  for f in *.mp3; do lame -v "$f"; done

(James Morris,22. September 2010 11:20)

$ find . -name "*flac" -exec lame -V0 {} \;

(Roger, 22. September 2010 12:52)

Using MEncoder to create DVD-compliant files

convert DV files to DVD compliant

convert sound files with libsndfile



conversion examples with sox

convert a .wav file to raw PCM - here 8bit (-b 8) signed integer (-e signed), stereo (-c 2):

sox INFILE.wav -t raw -r 48k -e signed -b  8 -c 2 OUTFILE.raw

convert raw CD digital audio (16-bit, signed-integer) to floating point wav:

sox input.cdda -e float output1.wav

generate (-n = NULL input) a .wav file with a 3 second sine-sweep:

sox -n OUTFILE.wav synth 3 sine 300-3300 gain -5

The format-options must be given before the filename for which they're intended. If unspecified they are read from the file header (if possible):


sox [global-options] [format-options] infile1 \ 
    [[format-options] infile2] ... \
    [format-options] outfile \
    [effect [effect-options]] ...

Common encoding-types for -e: signed, unsigned, float. see man sox for a complete reference.

conversion examples with ecasound



move regions, markers, temi in an Ardour session

A script to slide every regions, markers, tempi, meters, automations, and so on in an Ardour session.

“Actually, it's not really a solution, as one can move only ALL REGIONS,…”

by Aurélien

announce mail

Download (tar.gz ?)


spaces to underscores

#! /bin/bash
echo "This command changes all spaces in file names into underscores"
echo "  Type ENTER to continue or ^C to quit"
read dummy
for f in *; do
 oldname=`echo $f |sed 's/ /~/g'`
 newname=`echo $f |sed 's/ /_/g'`
 if [ $oldname != $newname ]
   echo mv $f $newname
   mv "$f" $newname

(Marc Groenewegen, 25. September 2010 08:49 )




use a proper python shell

(by Torben Hohn, 28. September 2010 01:16 )

ipython is there for quite some time.

and i recently discovered bpython

this is where the fun starts

also help() works nicely on instances.

doctests also pretty much kick ass.

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