robin's lair

Hello, robin here.

I'm one of the driving forces behind I've got the linux-audio driving-license back in 2005 and been pushing the pedal to the metal since.. As for linux-audio itself I'm mostly a user musician, working in the gray area between A/V production, hardware/software development and web-infrastructure. By education I'm physicist, professional engineer and hobby musician; but I keep permuting attributes and skills. read about me.

Besides setting up and maintaining most services on, I've written xjadeo - JACK's video monitor,GJackTransport, gjvidtimeline and amongst other FLOSS and contributed the JACK audio port to Open Movie Editor.

Since I'm good in solving problems, I'm rather busy and mostly lurking on the linux-audio email-lists. You can reach me at robin ★at★ or use surf over to my contact page.

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