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DJ Tools

Recommended: Mixxx, xwax, terminatorX

BeatForce A computer DJ system for two players with independent playlists, song databases, mixers, samplers, et cetera dj_tools
BpmDj Commercial DJ app for Android dj_tools
DidJiX A mixing deck in your pocket! DidJiX is the free and open source digital DJ software Mixxx powered by the simple and lightweight distribution Linux Arc…, , , ,
DigitalDJ Enhanced Jukebox MP3 player lets you create a database of CDs in MP3 format, and play them uninterrupted based on song properties such as Artist/Disc…,
DJ Krazy Old MP3/CD mixer. Uses OSS (not ALSA or JACK) unmaintained dj_tools,
DJPlay High-class live Qt DJ app. Uses JACK jack dj_tools,
drsoundwall dRSoundWall is a sound wall program in tcl/tk for DJs and radio stations, etc. Basically, you get a matrix of buttons that can trigger sound effect…
GDAM Geoff & Dave's Audio Mixer, a mixer for the Linux digital DJ unmaintained dj_tools,
Mixxx Mixxx is a DJ tool designed for live performance use. It allows you to mix music in realtime, just like you would with real turntables. jack dj_tools,
MP3Mixer a system for mixing multiple MPEG audio streams in realtime unmaintained dj_tools,
Oolaboola unmaintained dj_tools,
terminatorX enables hip-hop style “scratching” of WAV files ladspa alsa_seq jack dj_tools, , ,
UltraMixer proprietary virtual DJ mixing software, requires Java dj_tools
xwax Play digital audio files (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, AAC and more), controlled using a normal pair of turntables via timecoded vinyls. jack dj_tools,
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