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This page list programs that produce computer generated accompaniment for a soloist.

Recommended: BackupBand

Autocomp Takes a text file you create containing chord changes, and creates a csound .sco file containing a bass/drum/keyboard accompaniment in a “swing style”…,
AutoTrack Takes a chord chart, and creates a MIDI file with bass and drum tracks in your choice of musical style midi_software accompaniment algo, ,
backupband BackupBand is a music auto-arranger. It has a virtual drummer, bassist, and rhythm guitarist. These 3 “musicians” follow your chord changes live (as…,
Bash Karaoke accompaniment
GKaraoke GTK Karaoke app plays .KAR/.MID files (on the required TiMidity softsynth) while displaying lyrics. accompaniment
gmorgan Plays an accompaniment (in a variety of styles you choose from) on a MIDI device (or ALSA softsynth), given the chord changes you supply. Uses ALSA seq…, , ,
Impro-Visor Java music notation program designed to help jazz musicians compose and hear solos. Rhythm-section (e.g. piano, bass, drums) accompaniment is autom…,
Musical MIDI Accompaniment (MMA) Creates a MIDI file with backing tracks for a soloist to perform over, from a user supplied file containing chords and MMA dir…, ,
PyKaraoke accompaniment
Rhyth(M)aid + GUI Plays drums, bass, and piano on a MIDI device, given your specified chord changes. Uses TSE3 (ALSA and OSS MIDI). accompaniment midi_softwar…, ,
stygmorgan FLTK app plays back a “style file” to a MIDI device. Uses ALSA sequencer interface. accompaniment midi_software algo, ,

Abandoned software

KMid KMid is a MIDI/Karaoke player for KDE4 that runs in Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. KMid plays MIDI and karaoke files to hardware MIDI devices or software sy…, , , ,
Pymprovisator Python app for accompaniment and improvisation assistance. accompaniment unmaintained,
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