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MIDI Programming Resources

Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer is an audio sequencer written in C using GObject and Gtk+. It features a piano roll, as well a synth, matrix ed… , , , , , , , , , , ,
ALSA MIDI Kommander * <> DCOP interface exposing many ALSA sequencer features for shell scripts, Kommander scripts, … , ,
ALSA Programming HOWTO A guide for the perplexed howtos_and_faqs development and_now_for_something_rather_different midi_software , , ,
drumstick Drumstick is a set of MIDI libraries using C++/Qt5 idioms and style. Includes a wrapper around the ALSA library sequencer interface: ALSA sequencer p… , ,
libsmf Easy to use C library to read and write SMF (“*.mid”) files. Automatically handles timing, pulses<->seconds computation, tempo management, tempo map ha… ,
libtimidity MIDI to WAVE converter library that uses Gravis Ultrasound-compatible patch files to generate digital audio data from General MIDI files. This lib… , ,
MidiIO Cross-platform MIDI software interface for C++ programming. midi_software development ,
MidiShare * <> * <> is a “... real-time operating system for musical applications” from the … ,
MMidi describes tools for MIDI over the MBONE multicast network midi_software on-line_articles development , ,
Nord Modular G2 Patch Format informative page from Michael Dewberry development midi_software ,
portmidi development midi_software ,
pyo midi_software osc development dsp , , ,
RTP MIDI A protocol for transmitting MIDI via an Ethernet connection. midi_software on-line_articles development , ,
The MusicKit object-oriented software system for building music, sound, signal processing, and MIDI apps general_synthesis_packages synthesis_and_compositi… , , ,
TSE3 Library open-source MIDI sequencer engine in C++ midi_software development ,
UNIX MIDI libraries general purpose MIDI system for Unix, useful code from John Stone and Friends. midi_software development ,
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