Linux audio forums, IRC channels, mailing lists, and wikis

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General Linux audio support forums

Distribution-specific support forums

  • Musix support (Spanish - Português - Français - Català - English - Italian - Russian)
PageDescriptionRelease DateTags
kvraudiogood site for locating VST/VSTi plugins 
LinuxMAOa French-speaking community for worldwide Linux audio users. It includes a wiki, a forum, an IRC channel and others stuffs 
LinuxMusicians ForumAn active community of Linux Musicians 
Studio Forum - Linuxa support/discussion forum in Swedish and Norwegian for newcomers to Linux audio 

IRC channels

When using IRC, please be patient. It might be night in other countries and people from there might not be online, or online and AFK, or simply busy. One usually just writes one's question there, and if someone knows an answer, you will usually recieve it in up to half an hour (usually 5-10 minutes).


For general Linux audio help

Distro- and program-specific help

  • #kxstudio
  • #ubuntustudio
  • #archaudio
  • #alsa
  • #ardour
  • #ardour-mixbus
  • #dataflow (for PureData)
  • #jack
  • #laborejo
  • #ladi
  • #lilypond
  • #linuxsampler
  • #lmms
  • #musescore
  • #non

General Linux and hardware help

  • #ubuntu (support channel of what is currently the most popular Linux distribution)
  • #linux (requires you to register your nick)
  • ##hardware
  • #nvidia, #nouveau, #radeon, #ati, #intel-gfx, #bumblebee, #poulsbo (graphics card support channels)

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are a somewhat old method of communication, but quite popular out here - particularly among developers, but is also used by users. You need to register with them to post a message, but you can read the archives (i.e. all messages being posted) without registering.

PageDescriptionRelease DateTags
LAAlinux audio announcement email list 
LADlinux audio developers email list 
LATlinux audio tuning email list 
LAUlinux audio users email list 
Linux Audio Developersthe LAD list is dedicated to "discussion of topics relevant to audio under Linux, with an accent .. 
Linux Audio Usersa mail-list for people focused on using rather than hacking Linux audio applications 

Other wikis

PageDescriptionRelease DateTags
ALSA Wikiunofficial wiki about ALSA, the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture 
Audacity Wiki* <> wiki, Not software 
LiLAQwiki about how to get high quality sound on a Linux system2008-02-22
LinuxMAOa French-speaking community for worldwide Linux audio users. It includes a wiki, a forum, an IRC channel and others stuffs 
Linux Artista resource for artists (including the sonic types) using Linux 
Linux VST/VSTi Compatibility Pagelist of compatible plugins
Pd Wikiwiki, Not software, Unmaintained projects
Ruccas.orga wiki-based site for "unconventional computer and electronic art" 
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