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AviDemux Avidemux is a free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. It supports many file types, including AVI, DVD compatible …
Blender The premier open-source 3D animation studio. a_v_editors jack jack_transport , ,
Broadcast 2000 unmaintained a_v_editors ,
Cinelerra the impressive successor to Broadcast 2000. There is also a community version (cinelerra-cv) available. a_v_editors
cinelerra-cv Community version of Cinelerra, which isn't a fork, but provides additional features and bugfixes. a_v_editors
LiVES LiVES is a Video Editing System. It is designed to be simple to use, yet powerful. It is small in size, yet it has many advanced features. jack_transpor… , ,
Open Movie Editor Open Movie Editor is a free and open source video editing program, designed for basic movie making capabilities. It aims do be powerful enoug… ,
transcode a_v_editors

Accompaniment and Practice Software

All Things JACK

Analog Devices

And Now For Something Rather Different

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5 Linux Media Players: Which is the Best Fit? network_audio and_now_for_something_rather_different on-line_articles video_software , , ,
64 Studio: Building a native 64-bit creative distribution another fine article from Daniel James on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
9 Lieder * <> music from Wolfgang Woehl and friends, made with help from Ardour, JAMin, and LADSPA music_made_with_linu… ,
A Jazz Improvisation Primer * <> an excellent first guide from Marc Sabatella courseware on-line_articles and_n… , ,
A Profile of SoundTracker A look at Michael Krause's excellent music module tracker on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips on-line_articles and_now_for_something… , ,
About the MOD History and other information about making and playing music in the MOD format on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips on-line_articles and_now_for… , ,
Achieving Low-Latency Response Times Under Linux on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs , ,
AGNULA/DeMuDi + Pd (Pure Data) Installation Notes instructions from Derek Holzer and friends and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs unmainta… , ,
ALSA Programming HOWTO A guide for the perplexed howtos_and_faqs development and_now_for_something_rather_different midi_software , , ,
ALSA Wiki unofficial wiki about ALSA, the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture wiki and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
An Analysis of Sample Rate Conversion in SoX on-line technical paper on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different sox soundfile_util , , ,
Apple Sues Sorenson Over QuickTime Codec Slashdot discussion news and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Apps for OSS/Linux other_webpages and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
ArchAudio !- ArchAudio wiki page -! The Arch Linux Pro Audio Community. distributions unmaintained dead_link and_now_for_something_rather_different , , ,
Audacity Wiki * <> wiki and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Audio Libre a PDF file of the first installment from Daniel James's new column for Linux User & Developer on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_diff… ,
Berklee Shares free music lessons from the Berklee College of Music courseware and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Best Soundcard For DJing With Linux poll results at on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Broadcast2000 Brings DV Editing To Linux Curtis Lee Fulton tells us how it's done news and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Building Sounds for your Applications with SoundTracker * <> sage advice from the experts at LinuxPl… ,
Buzz Tracker On Linux mod_trackers_and_players howtos_and_faqs and_now_for_something_rather_different , ,
Community-Based Recording Studios: A Look into the Future on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
comp.speech Speech FAQ speech_software and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs , ,
Computer Music and the Linux Operating System: A Report from the Front Article (in PDF format) from the Computer Music Journal on-line_articles_by_dave_phil… , ,
Computer Music: Synthesis, Composition, and Performance Famous excellent introductory text by Charles Dodge and Thomas Jerse. hard_copy and_now_for_somethin… ,
Continuum hardware_linux and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Converting 78 rpm Records to Modern Media on Linux * <> a descriptive text from James Tappin and_now_for_somethin… ,
CornBucket * <> granular synthesis score generator for Csound and_now_for_something_rather_different dead_link ,
Creating Audio CDs With Linux an in-depth hands-on HOWTO on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs , ,
CrossOver Brings QuickTime to Linux describes the excellent plugin from CodeWeavers news and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Csound Journal Steven Yi and James Hearon maintain Hans's high standards on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different csound_helper , ,
Csound Manual the definitive documentation and_now_for_something_rather_different csound_helper ,
Data Transport in Linux Audio Applications An introductory text on some of the available data transport systems between and within applications, including a br… , ,
Der Pinguin auf dem Weg ins Tonstudio Frank Barknecht interviews Paul Davis for DeutschlandRadio (in German) and_now_for_something_rather_different intervie… ,
Developing and Using Snd: Editing Sound Under Linux on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips snd and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs , , ,
Digital Rights Management & Music: A barrier to creativity? * <> Daniel James asks the question in Sou… ,
dis-dot-dat * <> music from James Shuttleworth, made with Cheesetracker and Ardour music_made_with_linux and… ,
Drivers, IRQs, and PCI latency * <> excellent article by Dan Robbins (of Gentoo Linux) delivers the … , ,
Driving One's Own Audio Device Write a custom (not ALSA) kernel driver. and_now_for_something_rather_different development howtos_and_faqs , ,
Electronic Cow * <> formerly commercial MIDI & audio software for the Atari, now all freeware and…
extudes * <> pieces composed by Frank Barknecht with the help of Pd and MusE music_made_with_linux and_now_for_something_rather_differ… ,
FAVE raves: A new event for free software creativity Daniel James covers the event news and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Fervent Software's Studio To Go! * <> a review from Brad Fuller on-line_articles and_now_for_so… ,
FLAC Joins lossless compression format joins the free software world news and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Free Music Homepage * <> a manifesto regarding music as a free commodity a la Linux and the GPL on-line_artic… ,
Free Software and Multimedia 2001: A Report from Firenze notes on the proceedings on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips and_now_for_something_rather_different n… , ,
FreeBSD Audio Software a list of ported applications and_now_for_something_rather_different other_webpages ,
funet and_now_for_something_rather_different other_webpages ,
Gnomoradio media player and p2p app/project, promotes free music and_now_for_something_rather_different news ,
GNU/Linux DVD Player Review a look-see from Jon Kent on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
GNUsic other_webpages and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Harmony Central A good site for technical information, includes some free lesson material courseware and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Harrison Consoles * <> Harrison Audio Consoles supports gnu/Linux for the high-end audio community. linux_based_products and_now_for_som… ,
Hot On The Wire - The FreeBoB Project news from Daniel James news and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
How to fine-tune MPlayer and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs ,
How To Get Effective Low-latency Performance On Your Linux Box advice from Aaron Krister Johnson howtos_and_faqs dead_link and_now_for_something_rather_diff… , ,
Inside a Luxury Synth: Creating the Linux-Powered Korg OASYS Peter Kim takes a look within on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Interview With Andrew Morton KernelTrap talks with the author of the low-latency patches. interviews and_now_for_something_rather_different dead_link , ,
Interview With Dr. Richard Boulanger One the leading lights of Csound is interviewed by The Linux Gazette. interviews csound and_now_for_something_rather_di… , ,
Interview with Hannu Savolainen and Dev Mazumdar getting to know the OSS guys at 4Front Technologies on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips oss and_now_for_somet… , , ,
Interview with Iain Duncan From John Littler's Mstation, a very good report on recent developments in Csound. interviews csound and_now_for_something_rather… , ,
Interview with Steve Harris Interview with the famed LADSPA plugin developer. interviews and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Introduction to Linux Audio Filippo Pappalardo spills the facts for readers of OSNews on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Introduction to OSS MIDI programming Only for the old OSS API (not ALSA). development and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs midi_software u… , , , ,
korg oasys * <> The Korg OASYS is a workstation synthesizer released in early 2005. The Oasys is implemented on a cu… ,
kvraudio site for locating VST/VSTi plugins vst and_now_for_something_rather_different forum documentation , , ,
L'heure de Jazz++ jazzpp and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs , ,
Linux Audio Announcements a mostly one-way email list to publish announcements. * <… ,
LAC2004: A Report From Karlsruhe news and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Linux Audio Developers the infamous mailinglist: * <> - Direct link * <h… ,
Linux Audio Tuning The linux-audio tuning (LAT) mailing list is to help GNU/Linux distribution maintainers and other interested users to share information on s… ,
Linux Audio User the famous mailinglist: * <> - Direct link * <http://… ,
Lemur The Lemur is a top of the range control surface for audio and media applications... linux_based_products and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
LiLAQ: Information on Linux Audio Quality The purpose of this site was to provide as much information as possible about how to get high quality sound on a Linu… , , ,
LilyPond Guide For Beginners * <> a set of introductory tutorials from Eugene Cormier lilypond music_notation_editors and_… , , ,
Linus Merges ALSA Into 2.5.4 alsa news and_now_for_something_rather_different , ,
Linux 2.6: A Breakthrough for Embedded Systems Brandon White gives us the low-down on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Linux Artist a resource for artists (including the sonic types) using Linux wiki and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Linux Audio Developers the LAD list is dedicated to “discussion of topics relevant to audio under Linux, with an accent on development issues” mailing_list … ,
Linux Audio Development: A Report from Karlsruhe notes from the first meeting of the Linux Audio Developers group on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips on-line_… , ,
Linux Audio Plug-Ins: A Look Into LADSPA introductory text for users and developers on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips ladspa on-line_articles and_now_for_so… , , ,
Linux Audio Software Review on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Linux Audio Users a mail-list for people focused on using rather than hacking Linux audio applications mailing_list and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Linux Audio Users Guide Solid information collected and organized by Patrick Shirkey. on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Linux DVD Players A look at what's out there on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different cd_software , , ,
Linux Games Reviews/listings/videos of games for linux game_things and_now_for_something_rather_different on-line_articles , ,
Linux in the Mirror Image Studios Sound on Sound profiles Ron Parker's use of Linux audio software at his Mirror Image Studios on-line_articles and_now_for_… ,
Linux MIDI Demonstration An old guide for OSS, made obsolete by ALSA midi howtos_and_faqs and_now_for_something_rather_different , ,
Linux MIDI HOWTO Valuable advice from Phil Kerr midi howtos_and_faqs and_now_for_something_rather_different , ,
Linux MP3 HOWTO documentation from Phil Kerr mpeg_players_and_encoders and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs , ,
Linux MP3 Players Project Page a guide to the hard and the soft... mpeg_players_and_encoders documentation and_now_for_something_rather_different unmaintain… , , ,
Linux Multimedia a brief survey by Sander van Vugt on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Linux Multimedia Guide A book by Jeff Tranter, published by The O'Reilly Press Currently out of print. hard_copy and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Linux Multimedia with PD and GEM a report on using the Pd/GEM powerhouse for audio/video processing on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips puredata on-line_artic… , , ,
Linux Music Station other_webpages and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Linux Plays Starring Role in 'Sinbad' a brief description of the first all-made-with-Linux movie from DreamWorks news and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Linux Sound Support Jeff Trantner's report from 1994 on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Linux Soundcard Drivers a brief guide for users and developers on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips sound_cards_and_drivers on-line_articles and_now_for_someth… , , ,
Linux User & Developer includes a series of excellent articles on Linux audio by Daniel James on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Linux VST/VSTi Compatibility Page wiki vst dead_link and_now_for_something_rather_different , , ,
Linux-Soundeditoren Review of Linux sound editors circa 2004 on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Linux.MP3 Tools formerly DAM's MP3 Page, aims to include everything regarding MP3 + Linux, from Damien Morel mpeg_players_and_encoders documentation and_now… , , Daniel James's brainchild, “... a not-for-profit consortium of companies and libre [audio] software projects” other_webpages and_now_for_some… ,
LinuxMAO “a French-speaking wiki for worldwide Linux audio users” forum wiki and_now_for_something_rather_different , ,
LinuxMusicians forum An active community of Linux Musicians forum and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Lionstracs Mediastation the worlds first gnu/linux keyboard with full digital mixer, and giga-soundfont banks. linux_based_products and_now_for_something_ra… ,
Loopasonic samples_loops_and_midi_files and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
ltsb Julian Classen's guide to the Linux text-based studio project howtos_and_faqs and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Mackie Digs In with Tracktion and promises a Linux version is on the way... on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Michael Iber: On Free Software And Contemporary Music Goetz Dipper's radio transcript from LAC 2006; text in German only on-line_articles and_now_for_someth… ,
MIDIator serial port MIDI hardware from Key Electronics, with links to UNIX/Linux drivers sound_cards_and_drivers and_now_for_something_rather_different har… , ,
MIT OpenCourseWare “... a free and open educational resource for faculty, students, and self-learners around the world”, from the Massachusetts Institute of Te… ,
Modular synthesis with AlsaModularSynth 1.5.4 Good general overview of modular synthesis and its implementation in Dr. Matthias Nagorni's excellent synthesizer… ,
MP3'Tech * <> a great source for technical information on the MP3 format mpeg_players_and_encoders documentation and_now_for_somet… , ,
Mstation Interviews John Littler chats with Conrad Parker of Sweep fame and Erik de Castro Lopo, author of libsndfile and the Secret Rabbit Code interviews … ,
Muse Receptor * <> “One instrument... Two rack spaces... Millions of sounds... Infinite possibilities.” - it runs a … ,
Museum Sound Powered By Linux notes on a project from Benno Senoner “The intent of the game is to provide an ironic and entertaining demonstration of how th… ,
Music Made With Ardour songs and music from Dave Phillips music_made_with_linux and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Music to Feed Your Soul nice article by Marcel Gagné from his Cooking With Linux column in The Linux Journal on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_d… ,
NeboGeo * <> music from Dave Griffiths, maker of the incredible SpiralSynth family of Linux music software music_made_with_… ,
Network Musical Performance perspectives from sfront's John Lazzaro and John Wawrzynek on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Noisy Python brief overview of some soundapps for Python on-line_articles python and_now_for_something_rather_different , ,
Notation Editors Under Linux a look at notation editors for producing sheet music (especially focused on Mup). on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_d… , ,
Notes From The Metalevel Rick Taube's excellent book on his Common Music, a must-have for all students and users. hard_copy common_music and_now_for_somethi… , ,
Open Source Music Software & The AGNULA Project very good article by Daniel James now in Sound On Sound's on-line archive on-line_articles and_now_for_somet… ,
OpenAL Explained a survey of the project's status in the year 2000 on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips openal on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_d… , , ,
Opening Up the PlayStation 2 with Linux very brief look at a new development kit from Sony on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
PCMCIA Audio for NetBSD report on a driver now available for Eiger Labs PCMCIA sound card news and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Pd Wiki wiki and_now_for_something_rather_different unmaintained , ,
PDAudio-CF high-quality card/software for PDA or laptop, from Core Sound and_now_for_something_rather_different audio_interface ,
Polish Linux Sound & Music other_webpages and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Porting SGI Audio Applications to Linux a report on some early work on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_differen… , ,
Preemptible Kernel Patch Accepted more kernel good news news and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Ptolemy homepage for the Ptolemy Project of the DSP Design Group at UCB and_now_for_something_rather_different development dsp , ,
R-BOSS the Radio Broadcasting Open Source System, a project from Radio Free Asia network_audio and_now_for_something_rather_different documentation , ,
Radio Timeshifting How to do it with ecasound ecasound radio and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs , , , wiki-based site for “unconventional computer and electronic art” wiki and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Sound and Music Software a category review for freshmeat on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different , ,
Speech Links and_now_for_something_rather_different speech_software ,
Spiral Synthesis materials from Tracy Lind Petersen and_now_for_something_rather_different on-line_articles ,
Studio Forum - Linux support/discussion forum in Swedish and Norwegian for newcomers to Linux audio forum and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Supermarionation An EP by Edinburgh band Supermarionation recorded with Ardour and various LV2 plugins. music_made_with_linux and_now_for_something_rather_d… ,
The Csound Book Rick Boulanger's dream come true, a thorough treatment of Csound by its community of users and developers. csound hard_copy and_now_for_some… , ,
The Linux Softsynth Roundup the shape of things in May 2003 on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips softsynths_and_samplers and_now_for_something_rather_different , ,
The Linux Soundfile Editor Roundup on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips soundfile_util on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different , , ,
The MOD Archive mod_trackers_and_players and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
The PLUM Page synthesis_and_composition_packages and_now_for_something_rather_different development , ,
The Shareware Music Machine other_webpages and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
The State Of Recordable DVDs pointers from Slashdot readers on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
The Trouble with Vorbis on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different soundfile_util , ,
Tim's Atari MIDI World large collection of excellent Atari MIDI software, most of which runs well under Xsteem (the Linux version of STEEM) and_now_for_some… ,
tranzport Docs/code for programming Frontier Design's Tranzport wireless USB device hardware_linux development and_now_for_something_rather_different , ,
Tuning By Ratios temperament_and_intonation on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different , ,
Ultimate TOS Software Index includes a hefty section of audio & MIDI programs and_now_for_something_rather_different dead_link ,
United Trackers mod_trackers_and_players and_now_for_something_rather_different other_webpages , ,
Using VST Plugins In Linux on-line_articles_by_dave_phillips vst howtos_and_faqs and_now_for_something_rather_different , , ,
Virtual Sound Excellent introduction to Csound. hard_copy csound and_now_for_something_rather_different , ,
Which Sounds Better, MP3 or Ogg ? on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_different soundfile_util , ,
Yamaha Motif XS * <> * <> The Yamaha Motif is a series of musi… ,
Yamaha OPL3-SA2 a guide from James Tappin sound_cards_and_drivers and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
Yamaha Validates MontaVista Vision for Next-Generation Digital Audio Products good news for modern penguins... news and_now_for_something_rather_different ,

Archives and Information


Audio File Compression Software

Audio Plugin Systems For Linux

Audio Transcription Software

Category List

paulstretch audio_transcription_software
play it slowly Play back audio files at a different speed or pitch. Uses JACK or ALSA (via GStreamer) Warning: This project is currently unmaintained. It has… , ,
StretchPlayer Audio file player that allows you to change the speed of the song without changing the pitch. It will also allow you to transpose the song to ano… ,
TimeStretch Player A free web based alternative to Play It Slowly. It features higher quality time stretching and a more fancy UI. audio_transcription_softwa…
Transcribe! aid for transcribing recorded music, from the programmers at SeventhString It is also used by many people for play-along practice. It can change p…
YATM A simple command line audio player which can perform playback at a different speed than the original audio was recorded with. This is done without changi…



Binaural Brainwave

Category List

AutoZen binaural_brainwave
Gnaural binaural_brainwave
GuineaPig2 unmaintained binaural_brainwave ,
SBaGen binaural_brainwave

CD Burning Software

CD Technology and Linux


CUE TOC Utilities

Cards and Chipsets



Channel Vocoder

Chord and Scale Utilities

Category List

Gnome-chord for_guitarists_only chord_and_scale_utilities ,
Guitar/Bass Mode Maker Helps the guitar player learn scales, modes, chords, and create new scales chord_and_scale_utilities for_guitarists_only ,
GuitarCodex Plus Java app allows a guitarist to see and hear chords, scales and displays associated guitar chords in a graphical representation. Using the mous… ,
phonascus A program that can be used to study scales, intervals, chords. chord_and_scale_utilities score_recognition_software temperament_and_intonatio… , , ,


Category List

Almus VCU Makes a computer equipped with a multi-channel sound card into a real-time versatile convolver unit. convolution dsp ambisonics , ,
BruteFIR Command-line app to apply long FIR filters to multi-channel digital audio, offline or in realtime. filters convolution development dsp , , ,


Category List

A Jazz Improvisation Primer * <> an excellent first guide from Marc Sabatella courseware on-line_articles and_n… , ,
Berklee Shares free music lessons from the Berklee College of Music courseware and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
clementi courseware
Harmony Central A good site for technical information, includes some free lesson material courseware and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
linthesia courseware
MIT OpenCourseWare “... a free and open educational resource for faculty, students, and self-learners around the world”, from the Massachusetts Institute of Te… ,
Piano Booster courseware

Cover Art and Jewel-box Insert Utilities


Documentation Etc


Category List

Beatfish Pattern-controlled drum sampler. Uses JACK for audio. Enlightenment for its GUI. drumming jack softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained , , ,
Beats By Design an “artificially intelligent drum machine”, requires jMusic and of course Java drumming java softsynths_and_samplers , ,
DrMr LV2-plugin, drum-kit sampleplayer An LV2 plugin that plays Hydrogen drumkits. Its main reason to exist is to give a way for lv2 hosts to have a built in d… , ,
Drumgizmo An open source, multichannel, multilayered, cross-platform drum plugin and stand-alone application. It enables you to compose drums in midi and mix t… , ,
drumkv1 drumkv1 is an old-school all-digital drum-kit sampler synthesizer with stereo fx. Features: * pure stand-alone JACK client with JACK-session and… , , , , , , ,
DrumPatterns Web-based tool for learning drum rudiments and other patterns. Produces a MIDI file you download drumming ear_training ,
Drumpiler Write or generate drum and tone patterns in a simple programming language. Mix it using the sample assembler (asampler). Renders to files or plays re… ,
edrummer eDrummer is a software program that, when used in conjunction with electronic drum pads, effectively turns your computer into an “electronic drum kit”… , ,
Fabla * <> * <> Fabla is an open-source LV2 drum sampler plugin instrument. It… , ,
Fultron 2002 Old Pattern-controlled drum sampler. Uses SDL. drumming softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained , ,
Gneutronica GTK2-based drum machine drumming jack alsa_seq softsynths_and_samplers , , ,
Groovit Old command-line Pattern-controlled drum synth. Uses OSS drumming softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained , ,
Hydrogen Pattern-controlled drum sampler. Uses JACK or ALSA for audio, and ALSA sequencer for MIDI. ladspa jack_transport lash alsa_seq drumming jack ladish_l… , , , , , , ,
Jackbeat Pattern-controlled drum sampler. Uses JACK or PulseAudio. drumming jack softsynths_and_samplers , ,
orDrumbox orDrumbox is a free drum machine software (written in Java), designed to be as creative as possible with unusual features : auto-composition, polyryt… , , ,
PSIndustrializer Physical modeling synth for generating percussion sounds. It also can produce chimes, bubbles, gongs, hammer hits on different materials and s… ,
pyTrommler GTK Pattern-controlled drum sampler written in Python drumming unmaintained softsynths_and_samplers , ,
Rhythm Lab nice utility for realizing and testing polyrhythms, from Aaron Lav drumming unmaintained ear_training , ,
Slag Pattern-controlled drum synth. Uses JACK drumming jack softsynths_and_samplers , ,
Smack MIDI-controlled drum synth. Uses JACK drumming softsynths_and_samplers ,
TK-707 emulation of the Roland TR-707 drum machine drumming softsynths_and_samplers ,
Virtual Drum Machine Old command-line Pattern-controlled drum sampler. Uses OSS. drumming softsynths_and_samplers unmaintained , ,
Xdrum drumming unmaintained softsynths_and_samplers , ,
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