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Accompaniment and Practice Software

All Things JACK

Analog Devices

And Now For Something Rather Different

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A Profile of SoundTrackera look at Michael Krause's excellent music module tracker2001-01-01 
Berklee Sharesfree music lessons from the Berklee College of Music 
Csound Journalarticles2008-06-21 
Der Pinguin auf dem Weg ins TonstudioFrank Barknecht interviews Paul Davis for DeutschlandRadio (in German)2003-07-12 
dis-dot-datmusic from James Shuttleworth, made with Cheesetracker and Ardour 
FreeBSD Audio Softwarea list of ported applications 
GNUsic"An Open Studio on the Network for Electronic Musicians" 
Introduction to OSS MIDI programmingOnly for the old OSS API (not ALSA)1999-01-01
kvraudiogood site for locating VST/VSTi plugins 
LAC2004: A Report From KarlsruheDaniel James gives us the scoop2004-07-01 
LADlinux audio developers email list 
Linux-SoundeditorenReview of Linux sound editors circa 20042004-06-01 
Linuxaudio.orgDaniel James's brainchild, "... a not-for-profit consortium of companies and libre audio software.. 
Linux 2.6: A Breakthrough for Embedded SystemsBrandon White gives us the low-down2003-09-09 
PCMCIA Audio for NetBSDOSS (not ALSA) driver for Eiger Labs PCMCIA sound card2001-09-30 
R-BOSSan open platform to freely exchange information and technical development for the professional broadcast community 

Archives and Information


Audio File Compression Software

Audio Plugin Systems For Linux

Audio Transcription Software

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play it slowlyPlay back audio files at a different speed or pitch. Uses JACK or ALSA2008-12-28



Binaural Brainwave

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SBaGenCommand-line app generates binaural tones in real-time according to a 24-hour programmed sequence read from a file. Uses OSS 

CD Burning Software

CD Technology and Linux


CUE TOC Utilities

Cards and Chipsets



Channel Vocoder

Chord and Scale Utilities



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Berklee Sharesfree music lessons from the Berklee College of Music 

Cover Art and Jewel-box Insert Utilities


Documentation Etc


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Beats By Designan "artificially intelligent drum machine", requires jMusic and Java2013 
DrumpilerWrite or generate drum and tone patterns in a simple programming language. Mix it using the sample assembler (asampler). Renders to files or plays real-time 
eDrummerTurns your computer into a drum kit you play live with MIDI drum pads.2016/05 
FablaLV2 MIDI-controlled drum sampler2012-01-07 
orDrumboxdrum-machine in Java2016-11-06
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