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GeoMaestro An environment for experimental musical composition with MIDI and Csound. An extension to KeyKit keykit midi_software algo , ,
KeyKit KeyKit used to be called Keynote. It is a programming language and graphical user interface for MIDI, useful for both algorithmic and realtime musical e… , , ,

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beatslash 2 plugins for live beat repeating and beat slicing. “beat repeater” will repeat the current beat. “beat slicer” will randomly repeat parts of a live … ,
ClockLoop Commandline loop player jack looping_software alsa_seq , ,
Freecycle Beat slicer, very useful for defining and editing loops, also creates loop MIDI file jack jack_transport ladspa looping_software unmaintained , , , ,
FreeWheeling live looping instrument from JP Mercury alsa_seq looping_software jack , ,
giada A free, minimal, hardcore audio tool for DJs, live performers and electronic musicians. How does it work? Just pick up your channel, fill it with samples…
GuitArp for_guitarists_only looping_software ,
kluppe * <> Loop player for files and live input, from d13b. looping_software jack unmaintained , ,
Live Loop - midi sequencer LiveLoop - create your loops in real time java software LiveLoop is a live midi sequencer that enables you to record loop whi… ,
LoopDub Load a bank of same-sized loops into memory, and use the mouse or a MIDI controller to turn them on and off, change volume or filter settings, and gene…
luppp * <> * <> Luppp is a live performance program, it allows loading & re… , , , , ,
Smasher !- smasher wiki page description -! Cross-platform audio loop slicer designed to create sliced loops from WAV, MP3, FLAC or AIFF files in seconds with… , ,
SooperLooper excellent looping sampler from Jesse Chappell looping_software jack osc , ,
Tranches Tranches, very much geared towards live use, calls itself a “midi-controlled multi-(inputs/outputs) live beat repeat/rearrange/redirect tool”. It is … , , , , ,



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MBRDICO talking dictionary using MBROLA for speech synth mbrola speech_software ,
Speakup * <> allows a blind user to hear all output directed to the console. Currently, the following synthesizers … ,

MIDI Programming Resources

MIDI Software

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a2jmidid a2jmidid is a daemon which bridges ALSA MIDI ports into the JACK MIDI world. For 'raw' MIDI ports, such as USB MIDI devices, you either need to run … , ,
abcMIDI renders abc score to MIDI file abc music_notation_editors midi_software file_conversion , , ,
aconnectgui FLTK-based GUI for ALSA's aconnect utility midi_software dead_link ,
Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer is an audio sequencer written in C using GObject and Gtk+. It features a piano roll, as well a synth, matrix ed… , , , , , , , , , , ,
Alpha Juno Editor/librarian for Roland Alpha Juno 1/2 and MKS50 synthesizers. Uses OSS MIDI (not ALSA or JACK). midi_software patch_editor ,
ALSA MIDI Kommander DCOP interface exposing many ALSA sequencer features for shell scripts, Kommander scripts, or KDE programs requiring MIDI sequencer service… , , ,
ALSA Patch Bay alsa_seq midi_software ,
ALSA Programming HOWTO A guide for the perplexed howtos_and_faqs development and_now_for_something_rather_different midi_software , , ,
ametro Simple MIDI metronome using the ALSA sequencer Obsolete. Latest release from 2003. See Drumstick Metronome alsa_seq metronomes unmaintained midi_sof… , , ,
amidmap amidimap is a simple program that will read in MIDI events, process them, and output them again. midi_software alsa_seq dead_link , ,
Anthem Qt MIDI sequencer sequencers midi_software ,
aplaymidi Sends the contents of a MIDI file to an ALSA MIDI port. Requires a sound renderer (like timidity or a hardware midi device) for the actual playback. …
Ardour Professional-grade multitrack/multichannel hard-disk recording. Ardour allows you to record and edit both audio and MIDI data, add many different kinds… , , , , , , , , , , , ,
ariamaestosa Cross-platform MIDI sequencer/editor. Lets users compose, edit and play MIDI files in a simple user interface offering score, keyboard (piano-roll… , , , , , ,
arpage 4 JACK Sync'd MIDI Arpeggiators w/ JACK MIDI I/O ports per Arpeggiator. Aimed towards live performance usage. jack jack_midi jack_transport midi_softw… , , ,
aseqjoy Turns a joystick into a MIDI controller. Uses ALSA sequencer interface. midi_software alsa_seq midi_controller_related virtual_midi , , ,
AutoTrack Takes a chord chart, and creates a MIDI file with bass and drum tracks in your choice of musical style midi_software accompaniment algo , ,
Ayyi A modular audio/MIDI production system Proof of concept for Service-based architecture. jack synthesis_and_composition_packages midi_software , ,
b-tektracker Command-line MIDI step-sequencer based on TekTracker. Uses OSS for MIDI (not ALSA or JACK) sequencers midi_software ,
B.Jumblr B.Jumblr is a pattern-controlled audio stream / sample re-sequencer LV2 plugin. B.Jumblr is neither a sample slicer nor a step sequencer. From the te… , , ,
B.Schaffl B.Schaffl is a slider / shape-controlled MIDI amp & time stretch plugin to vitalize sequencer-controlled MIDI instruments and to produce shuffle / sw… , ,
B.SEQuencer Multi channel MIDI step sequencer LV2 plugin with a variable matrix Key features: * Step sequencer with a selectable pattern matrix size (8×16,… , , ,
bcx2000edit Patch editor for the Behringer BCR2000/BCF2000 MIDI control surfaces. This is a Python script that requires PyQt for its GUI. Appears to use OSS fo… ,
BEAST/BSE Beast is a powerful music composition and modular synthesis application. It has excellent technical abilities like multitrack editing, unlimited und… , , ,
BINARS * <> “an open-source sequencer for Linux, ALSA, and GNOME”, from Michael Ashton unmaintained sequencers midi_softwar… , ,
Bipscript a simple programming environment for creating music Features * instantiate and connect LV2 plugins to create audio and MIDI networks * schedule… , , , , , , , , ,
Bol Processor Produces music using a set of rules (a compositional grammar) or from text scores that can be typed in or captured from a MIDI instrument. Uses C… , , ,
Buzztrax A Midi tracker modelled on Buzz. If you’ve used tracker programs like FastTracker, Impulse Tracker, or the original AMIGA SoundTracker, that will giv… , , ,
Calf Studio Gear Calf Studio Gear is an audio plug-in pack for LV2 and JACK environments under LINUX operating systems. The suite contains 47 effects (delay, m… , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
cantor * <> MIDI sequencer/editor project unmaintained sequencers midi_software , ,
clavier GTK-based Virtual MIDI keyboard for controlling external synths. Uses OSS for MIDI (not ALSA or JACK) midi_software virtual_midi midi_controller_rel… , ,
CMT Carnegie-Mellon MIDI Toolkit (includes the adagio language) midi_software algo ,
CursedSequencer - CuSE Purely character-based (command-line) midi sequencer. For blinds, for 'composition over network', for purists, etc. Requires cdk … , ,
Dino Integrated MIDI piano roll editor and sequencer engine using JACK MIDI. Primary author is Lars Luthman. It's using the GTK toolkit and depends on LASH. … , , , , ,
Div's MIDI Utilities for Unix excellent collection of command-line MIDI tools midi_software
Drumstick Multiplatform MIDI File Player This application is a multiplatform MIDI file player for Linux, Windows and macOS. It reads .MID (Standard MIDI Files… , , ,
Dr Fermi Tabulator converts ASCII tablature to a standard MIDI file tablature_software for_guitarists_only midi_software file_conversion , , ,
drumstick Drumstick is a set of MIDI libraries using C++/Qt5 idioms and style. Includes a wrapper around the ALSA library sequencer interface: ALSA sequencer p… , ,
Drumstick Metronome MIDI based metronome using the ALSA Sequencer, with Qt user interface. metronomes alsa_seq midi_software , ,
Drumstick MIDI Monitor Monitor events coming from MIDI external ports or applications via the ALSA sequencer, and from SMF (Standard MIDI files) or WRK (Cakewa… ,
dx7bag Command-line apps to send and receive patch data from the Yamaha DX7, DX1, DX5, DX7s, DX7II, DX7IIFD, TX7, TX802 and TX816 midi_software patch_editor ,
Epichord Midi sequencer for JACK-Midi midi_software sequencers jack jack_midi jack_transport lash , , , , ,
eplaymidi an enhanced version of playmidi midi_software
FANR midi_software file_conversion ,
fltracker unmaintained midi_software sequencers , ,
Frinika Music workstation software for operating systems running Java 1.5. Information from the Frinika website: Frinika is a free (licensed under GNU GPL) c… , ,
GeoMaestro An environment for experimental musical composition with MIDI and Csound. An extension to KeyKit keykit midi_software algo , ,
glib Source code for a Windows generic MIDI patch editor + librarian. midi_software patch_editor ,
gmc Translates text to a MIDIfile midi_software dead_link ,
gmidimonitor GMIDImonitor is a GTK app that shows MIDI events. jack_midi alsa_seq lash midi_software jack , , , ,
gmorgan Plays an accompaniment (in a variety of styles you choose from) on a MIDI device (or ALSA softsynth), given the chord changes you supply. Uses ALSA seq… , , ,
gr floorboard midi_software patch_editor ,
Grammidity Java app generates music via a genetic algorithm. You supply instructions by writing a “grammar file”. midi_software synthesis_and_composition_pa… , , ,
GT Fx FloorBoard midi_software patch_editor ,
GWave Analyzer visualizes/analyzes WAV files via FFT, also extracts melody to MIDI file midi_software file_conversion ,
HarmonySeq MIDI Sequencer HarmonySEQ is a live loop-based MIDI software sequencer intended to aid music composers and performers. * manages a set of separa… , ,
Improv C++ environment for writing programs that enable musician/computer interaction using MIDI instruments midi_software unmaintained development , ,
InConcert * <> Live Tempo Adjustment for the Jack Audio Connection Kit !- InConcert application wiki page -! jack… , ,
Input Maps “... provides user-customizeable mappings for controlling realtime objects with event streams” midi_software dead_link ,
Introduction to OSS MIDI programming Only for the old OSS API (not ALSA). development and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs midi_software u… , , , ,
jack-keyboard * <> jack-keyboard is a virtual keyboard - a program that that allows you to send JACK MIDI eve… , , ,
jack-smf-utils * <> Jack-smf-utils is a set of two utilities - jack-smf-player and jack-smf-recorder - whose p… , , , ,
jackctlmmc / QJackMMC Control JACK transport using Midi Machine Control (MMC) <> jack_transport alsa_seq lash midi_software u… , , , , ,
jacker tracker A MIDI Tracker with support for JackAudio/Midi. midi_software sequencers jack jack_midi , , ,
JAZZ++ An old integrated MIDI/audio sequencer for Linux currently being revitalized. Sources available but at present only with 'minimum functionality' Docu… ,
jm2cv jm2cv translates between JACK MIDI and Control Voltage (CV), as used by Non-Mixer and non-daw. jack_midi new midi_software , ,
jMusic is a Java class of functions for generating and manipulating MIDI musical data midi_software dead_link development , ,
jpmidi Command-line player for Standard MIDI Files (SMF), for JACK MIDI with transport sync. midi_software jack_midi jack_transport , ,
JSynthLib * <> universal synth editor/librarian project, requires Java midi_software dead_link ,
kbdz A daemon (background app) that turns your PC keyboards/mice into MIDI controllers. Uses ALSA Sequencer interface. midi_software virtual_midi alsa_seq m… , , ,
KCompact/K25Strip midi_software patch_editor ,
KeyKit KeyKit used to be called Keynote. It is a programming language and graphical user interface for MIDI, useful for both algorithmic and realtime musical e… , , ,
KMid KMid is a MIDI/Karaoke player for KDE4 that runs in Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. KMid plays MIDI and karaoke files to hardware MIDI devices or software sy… , , , ,
KMidiTracker excellent tracker-style MIDI sequencer from David Moreno Montero unmaintained sequencers midi_software , ,
Kontroll GTK app that turns your mouse into a MIDI/OSC controller. Uses ALSA sequencer interface. midi_software alsa_seq osc virtual_midi midi_controller_rel… , , , ,
Laborejo Laborejo, Esperanto for “Workshop”, is used to craft music through notation. It is a LilyPond GUI frontend, a MIDI creator and finally a tool collec… , , , , ,
libsmf Easy to use C library to read and write SMF (“*.mid”) files. Automatically handles timing, pulses<->seconds computation, tempo management, tempo map ha… ,
libtimidity MIDI to WAVE converter library that uses Gravis Ultrasound-compatible patch files to generate digital audio data from General MIDI files. This lib… , ,
LMMS it's the Linux MultiMedia Studio, “... a free alternative to popular programs like FruityLoops, Cubase and Logic” midi_software sequencers daw , ,
LSMI Turns your PC keyboard, mouse, or joystick into a MIDI controller. Uses ALSA sequencer interface midi_software virtual_midi alsa_seq , ,
MC303 Bulk Dump Send/receive patch data from a Roland MC303. midi_software patch_editor ,
mcontrol an ALSA sequencer client that can assign up to twelve MIDI control messages for the controllers on your MIDI keyboard midi_software dead_link ,
ME-Edit midi_software patch_editor ,
Midge text-to-MIDI program from David Riley midi_software unmaintained ,
MIDI Controller GTK app with graphical sliders/buttons which send MIDI controller (CC) messages. Uses ALSA sequencer interface. midi_software alsa_seq virtual… , , ,
MIDI layer midi_software
midi matrix An LV2 MIDI channel matrix patcher Things that can be accomplished with this plugin: MIDI channel filtering (e.g. blocking of specific channels) … ,
MIDI Modules * <> for the Python programming language midi_software dead_link development , ,
midi sheet music Midi Sheet Music is a free program that simultaneously: * Plays MIDI music files * Highlights the piano notes * Highlights the sheet music… ,
MIDI Splitter Perl script to split MIDI files into separate tracks/channels midi_software
MIDI-Perl “...a suite of Perl modules that allows you to read, compose, modify, and write MIDI files” midi_software development dead_link , ,
midi2gmn “...converts gmn (GUIDO Music Notation) files into MIDI files...” midi_software dead_link ,
Midi2KeyPress midi_software virtual_midi midi_controller_related , ,
MidiComp reads and writes Type 0/1 MIDI files in SMF and plain text format midi_software dead_link ,
mididings mididings is a MIDI router and processor for ALSA or JACK MIDI. It's implemented as a Python module, thereby offering a powerful and flexible means t… , ,
MidiEditor MidiEditor is a free software providing an interface to edit, record, and play Midi data. The editor is able to open existing Midi files and modify… , ,
ALSA MIDI Filter * <> * <> Perl app that can filter MIDI data from an ALSA …
MidiIO Cross-platform MIDI software interface for C++ programming. midi_software development ,
midikb Turns your PC keyboard into a MIDI controller for Csound instruments or MIDI devices supported by OSS (not JACK nor ALSA). midi_software csound_helper … , , ,
MidiKinesis Turns your MIDI controller into a XWindows (not Wayland) input device. Control an app's GUI with the buttons/sliders on your controller. This is a … , ,
midimsg A set of LV2 plugins to transform midi output into usable values to control other plugins. For example: * aftertouch transfers channel afterto… ,
Midingsolo midi_software alsa_seq jack , ,
MidiQuickFix midi_software
midish MIDI sequencer and filter with a shell-like appearance. sequencers midi_software ,
MidiShare * <> * <> is a “... real-time operating system for musical applications” from the … ,
Midithing MIDI library in Python for an eventual sequencer from Tim Goetze midi_software unmaintained development , ,
Miditoys Turns a Playstation2 into a MIDI control surface. midi_software virtual_midi midi_controller_related , ,
MiyaEsi - wave to midi Extract notes from a wave file and output as MIDI data. Project of Computer Science Department, University of Moratuwa. Featur… ,
MMidi describes tools for MIDI over the MBONE multicast network midi_software on-line_articles development , ,
Moony The design goal of the plugin bundle was to create a tool to easily add realtime programmable logic glue in LV2 plugin graphs. To have plugins which do… , , , , ,
multimidicast Allows apps using ALSA's Sequencer interface to transmit MIDI via an ethernet connection. midi_software
MusE MusE is a MIDI/Audio sequencer with recording and editing capabilities written originally by Werner Schweer now developed and maintained by the MusE devel… , , , , , , , , , , ,
Musical MIDI Accompaniment (MMA) Creates a MIDI file with backing tracks for a soloist to perform over, from a user supplied file containing chords and MMA dir… , ,
naconnect ncurses-based ALSA MIDI sequencer connection manager (patch bay) alsa_seq midi_software ,
Nomad Patch editor/librarian for the Nord Modular synthesizer midi_software patch_editor ,
Non-Sequencer The Non Sequencer is a powerful real-time, pattern-based MIDI sequencer for Linux. It fills the void left by countless DAWs, piano-roll editors, … , , , , , ,
Nord Modular G2 Patch Format informative page from Michael Dewberry development midi_software ,
open octave seq fork of MusE sequencer (2011-01) midi_software sequencers ,
OplEdit Patch editor for Yamaha OPL2/3 soundchips. midi_software patch_editor ,
Patchage * <> Dave Robillard's modular patch bay for JACK and ALSA lash jack_midi jack midi_software , , ,
playmidi command-line MIDIfile player with optional X, Gtk, or ncurses interface midi_software
pmidi a MIDIfile player for ALSA midi_software dead_link ,
portmidi development midi_software ,
pyalsa MIDI wrappers for Python, from Phil Frost midi_software unmaintained development , ,
pyo midi_software osc development dsp , , ,
Q-Midi a MidiShare interface for the Q programming language midi_software unmaintained development , ,
QMidi* arpeggiator, controller box, event filter/router, all that and more from Matthias Nagorni midi_software jack ,
QMidiArp A MIDI Arpeggiator, Step Sequencer and Controller LFO. QMidiArp is an advanced MIDI arpeggiator, programmable step sequencer and LFO for eithe… , , , , , , , ,
QMidiRoute - midi processor with GUI useful (“real-time”) midi processor / converter QMidiRoute is a MIDI event processor and router for the ALSA sequen… ,
QSynth Qt GUI Interface for FluidSynth softsynths_and_samplers soundfonts_and_related jack jack_midi midi_software , , , ,
Qtractor Qtractor is an Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer application written in C++ with the Qt framework. Target platform is Linux, where the Jack Audio Con… , , , , , , , , , , ,
qTribe Midi Drum Sequencer qTribe is a step-based MIDI sequencer, heavily influenced by the layout and operation of the Korg Electribe series of 'grooveboxes… , ,
Radium unique graphic music-making environment with similarities to module trackers and MIDI sequencers. sequencers midi_software ladspa jack jack_midi alsa_s… , , , , ,
Random Phase Generator Generates random phase music, as per Steve Reich. Uses OSS for MIDI (not ALSA or JACK), and the old Motif GUI. midi_software synthesi… , ,
Ratón Turns mouse movements into MIDI controller messages. midi_software virtual_midi midi_controller_related , ,
Rhyth(M)aid + GUI Plays drums, bass, and piano on a MIDI device, given your specified chord changes. Uses TSE3 (ALSA and OSS MIDI). accompaniment midi_softwar… , ,
Rosegarden Advanced audio/MIDI sequencer, notation editor, Csound-score producer, score creation from MIDI input and more. Supports plugins (softsynths/effects… , , , , , , , ,
RTP MIDI A protocol for transmitting MIDI via an Ethernet connection. midi_software on-line_articles development , ,
Saiph Java app generates sequences made of tracks made of segments with musical events, currently notes and MIDI controllers. It supports MIDI and MusicXML fil… , ,
sc88sysex Command-line app to send/receive patch data from a Roland SC88 sound module. midi_software patch_editor ,
Sekaiju Midi Sequencer Windows software, written in “Microsoft VisualC++” “Sekaiju” is free, open source MIDI sequencer software for creating and editi… ,
seq24 Loop-based MIDI sequencer simplified for live performance. Uses ALSA sequencer interface jack_transport alsa_seq lash sequencers midi_software jack la… , , , , , ,
seq42 a fork of seq24 with a greater emphasis on song editing (as opposed to live looping) using tracks to organize your sequences; plus various other enhancem… , , ,
Shelljam play softsynths and other MIDI instruments from the command shell midi_software
Sherlock A monitor/debug tool for LV2 plugin and host authors. It captures all Atom events sent to its event input port and presents them on its user interface… , , , , ,
Simple Sysexxer Send/recieve MIDI sys-ex dumps from a MIDI device, to save on your computer. midi_software patch_editor ,
SMDITools Command-line utilities to send + receive samples from an SMDI-compatible sampler. midi_software patch_editor ,
SoftWerk a MIDI sequencer based on the design of the Doepfer Schaltwerk analog sequencer sequencers midi_software ,
STed2 MIDI music composition environment midi_software unmaintained ,
stygmorgan FLTK app plays back a “style file” to a MIDI device. Uses ALSA sequencer interface. accompaniment midi_software algo , ,
sxpress controlling MMC compatible software & hardware with USB DAW controllers“ midi_software unmaintained ,
synthclone Synthclone “clones” MIDI-capable instruments. It does this by sending out MIDI data that instructs an instrument to emit sounds for a series of no… ,
SynthEd Universal patch editor/librarian for MIDI synthesizers. midi_software patch_editor ,
SysExxer utility for receiving, saving, and sending raw sys-ex messages midi_software unmaintained ,
TekTracker MIDI sequencer with tracker-style interface sequencers midi_software ,
The MusicKit object-oriented software system for building music, sound, signal processing, and MIDI apps general_synthesis_packages synthesis_and_compositi… , , ,
Tim's Atari MIDI World large collection of excellent Atari MIDI software, most of which runs well under Xsteem (the Linux version of STEEM) and_now_for_some… ,
TiMidity++ greatly extended and enhanced version of TiMidity. alsa_seq midi_software jack softsynths_and_samplers , , ,
TISM Command-line MIDI sequencer. GTK GUI available. Uses OSS or ALSA RawMidi. sequencers midi_software ,
ToneFree utilities for controlling Line 6 guitar amplifiers and preamps via /dev/midi for_guitarists_only midi_software patch_editor , ,
touchmidi midi_software virtual_midi midi_controller_related , ,
TSE3 Library open-source MIDI sequencer engine in C++ midi_software development ,
Tutka GTK MIDI tracker/sequencer. Uses ALSA or JACK. sequencers midi_software alsa_seq jack , , ,
UltiMusE-LX music composition via standard notation and MIDI midi_software dead_link ,
UNIX MIDI libraries general purpose MIDI system for Unix, useful code from John Stone and Friends. midi_software development ,
Virtual Keyboard Virtual MIDI piano for ALSA sequencer. midi_software alsa_seq virtual_midi midi_controller_related , , ,
Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard VMPK is a virtual MIDI piano keyboard for Linux, Windows and OSX. Based on Qt and drumstick, the program is a MIDI event generator … , , ,
VM Program arbitrary LV2 filters in a virtual machine. Comes with separate plugins for LV2 Control, CV, Audio and Atom ports. new lv2_plugins osc sequen… , , , , ,
WaoN Wave-to-Notes transcriber (converts audio file into midi file) and some utility tools such as gWaoN, graphical visualization of the spectra, and phase voc… ,
wave2mid midi_software file_conversion ,
Widi MIDI player for external MIDI devices only midi_software
Wired audio/MIDI music production system. Uses JACK. daw midi_software sequencers jack alsa_seq unmaintained , , , , ,
wrk2mid Command line utility for translating WRK (Cakewalk) files into MID (standard MIDI files) new midi_software utilities file_conversion , , ,
XController midi_software
xgmc midi_software dead_link ,
xphat User-configurable software MIDI fader box. midi_software virtual_midi ,
Xpmidi GUI for pmidi, requires Python 2.2 and Tkinter** midi_software
Yoshimi Yoshimi is a software synthesizer, a live soft-DSP audio signal generator. It receives MIDI signals as input either from ALSA MIDI or JACK, and sends d… , , , , , , , ,

MPEG Players and Encoders

Category List

8Hz-MP3 mpeg_players_and_encoders
BladeEnc an MP3 encoder from Tord Jansson mpeg_players_and_encoders
Cantus tag editor for MP3, OGG, and FLAC files mpeg_players_and_encoders dead_link ,
darkice mpeg_players_and_encoders network_audio jack , ,
dekagen a command line tool to automate ripping CDs and converting to MP3 or OGG/Vorbis format mpeg_players_and_encoders dead_link cd_rip_burn , ,
DigitalDJ an SQL-based MP3 player front-end from Mike Oliphant, designed to work with his Grip mpeg_players_and_encoders dead_link ,
DigitalDJ Enhanced Jukebox MP3 player lets you create a database of CDs in MP3 format, and play them uninterrupted based on song properties such as Artist/Disc… ,
findmp3 utility to locate MP3 files by artist, title, album, genre, etc. within a directory/subdirectories, from Folkert van Heusden mpeg_players_and_encode…
freezetag Gtk+ based id3 tag editor for MP3 files dead_link mpeg_players_and_encoders ,
GlobeCom Jukebox CD-to-MP3 ripper, database organizer, playlist coordinator and much more mpeg_players_and_encoders dead_link cd_rip_burn , ,
GQmpeg GUI for mpg123, supports playlists mpeg_players_and_encoders
Hannover MPEG encoder mpeg_players_and_encoders
Jooky MP3 controller, works via ncurses, TCP/IP, or LIRC mpeg_players_and_encoders dead_link ,
KBlade a KDE front-end for BladeEnc mpeg_players_and_encoders dead_link ,
Kmp3te for viewing and editing tags to MP3 files mpeg_players_and_encoders dead_link ,
LAME source code for an encoder licensed under the GPL mpeg_players_and_encoders development ,
Linux MP3 HOWTO documentation from Phil Kerr mpeg_players_and_encoders and_now_for_something_rather_different howtos_and_faqs , ,
Linux MP3 Players Project Page a guide to the hard and the soft... mpeg_players_and_encoders documentation and_now_for_something_rather_different unmaintain… , , ,
Linux.MP3 Tools formerly DAM's MP3 Page, aims to include everything regarding MP3 + Linux, from Damien Morel mpeg_players_and_encoders documentation and_now… , ,
Maaate mpeg_players_and_encoders dsp development , ,
MAD mpeg_players_and_encoders
MadJACK MPEG Audio Deck for the Jack Audio Connection Kit with an OSC based control interface jack dead_link mpeg_players_and_encoders , ,
MJS Console-based MP3 jukebox system mpeg_players_and_encoders
Moe Music WWW front-end for mpg123. mpeg_players_and_encoders
MP3'Tech * <> a great source for technical information on the MP3 format mpeg_players_and_encoders documentation and_now_for_somet… , ,
MP3Blaster mpeg_players_and_encoders
MP3c Command-line audio CD ripper and MP3 encoder“ mpeg_players_and_encoders cd_rip_burn cd_software , ,
Mp3Make “a program that glues rippers and encoders and...a cddb database” mpeg_players_and_encoders cd_rip_burn cd_software , ,
MP3SB perl script that acts as a network interface to the rxaudio or a patched version of mpg123 player mpeg_players_and_encoders network_audio ,
mp3tools “...a set of utilities for working with MPEG audio files” mpeg_players_and_encoders dead_link ,
MpCut visualizes the power levels in each frame of an MP3 file, select and cut unwanted frames, then save the selected frames to a separate MP3 file mpeg_pl… ,
mpg123 mpeg_players_and_encoders
mpg321 Drop-in replacement for mpg123 mpeg_players_and_encoders
mpgedit mpeg_players_and_encoders
Nmpg a front-end for mpg123. mpeg_players_and_encoders dead_link ,
shn2make utility to automate recording CDs and encoding MP3 and Ogg files from shn files mpeg_players_and_encoders cd_rip_burn cd_software , ,
Streamripper “...connects to streaming MP3 servers and downloads the tracks to your hard drive” mpeg_players_and_encoders
toolame optimized encoder based on LAME mpeg_players_and_encoders
TwoLAME mpeg_players_and_encoders
WindowMaker audio applets an equalizer for mpg123 and mixers for ALSA and OSS mpeg_players_and_encoders
XMMS excellent player for MP3, MOD, WAV and other formats mpeg_players_and_encoders ladspa players jack , , ,
XMp3Burn * <> * <> burn MP3 files directly to… , ,
Xtheater media player for MPEG video and audio, network streams, VCDs, AVI and ASF files players mpeg_players_and_encoders unmaintained video_software , , ,
Zinf simple powerful audio player formerly known as FreeAMP, supports MP3, Ogg/Vorbis, WAV and CD audio, SHOUTcast/Icecast HTTP streaming players mpeg_playe… , ,

Mail Lists Newsgroups Wikis Blogs Consortia etc

Manuals And Other Documentation


Category List

ametro Simple MIDI metronome using the ALSA sequencer Obsolete. Latest release from 2003. See Drumstick Metronome alsa_seq metronomes unmaintained midi_sof… , , ,
Countbeats displays tempo when you tap the spacebar, requires Python/Tkinter metronomes
ctronome Command-line metronome. Uses OSS (not ALSA or JACK). metronomes
DiffM a Java-based metronome metronomes unmaintained ,
Drumstick Metronome MIDI based metronome using the ALSA Sequencer, with Qt user interface. metronomes alsa_seq midi_software , ,
GTick Gtk2-based metronome metronomes
gtklick A simple metronome, providing a graphical frontend to klick. Like klick it offers native JACK support and four different sounds to choose from, but cur… ,
klick klick is an advanced command-line based metronome for JACK. It allows you to define complex tempo maps for entire songs or performances. Features: * … , ,
Metronome a MIDI-based metronome with Gtk interface metronomes



Miscellaneous Utilities



Category List

IRMix mixers utilities ,
jackmaster “Master Console” for the jack-audio-connection-kit new alsa_seq lash mixers jack , , , ,
JackMiniMix simple mixer for the Jack Audio Connection Kit with an [OSC] based control interface mixers jack osc , ,
JackMix lash mixers jack , ,
- jackmixer - GTK (2.x) JACK audio mixer. lash mixers jack ladish_l1 , , ,
ng-jackspa ng-jackspa is a set of simple user interface programs that host a LADSPA plugin, providing JACK ports for its audio inputs and outputs, and dynamic … , , ,
Non-Mixer The Non Mixer is a powerful, reliable and fast modular Digital Audio Mixer, released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It utilizes the JACK… , , , , , ,
QAMix mixers utilities ,




Multitrack Recording and Mixing Systems

MusicV-based Languages

Category List

Cmix * <> is from Paul Lansky and the Princeton Sound Kitchen musicv-based_languages synthesis_and_compos… , ,
cmusic an acoustic compiler program musicv-based_languages synthesis_and_composition_packages ,
Common LISP Music * <> comes from Bill Schottstaedt at CCRMA musicv-based_languages synthesis_a… , ,
Csound Barry Vercoe's gift to the world of computer music and sound synthesis Csound is a sound and music synthesis system, providing facilities for composi… , , , ,
Music V * <> Max Mathews music V program ported to gfortran. musicv-based_languages synthesis_and_compo… ,
Nyquist A sound synthesis and composition language based on a Lisp syntax. Nyquist is an elegant and powerful system based on functional programming. musicv-… ,
RTCmix a version of Cmix maintained by Dave Topper, Luke DuBois, Brad Garton, and John Gibson; see also RTmix musicv-based_languages synthesis_and_composit… ,
RTmix * <> RTmix is Ivica Ico Bukvic's “performance tool geared towards persons interested in live and interactive electro-acoustic … , , ,

Music And Tablature Paper

Category List

ariamaestosa Cross-platform MIDI sequencer/editor. Lets users compose, edit and play MIDI files in a simple user interface offering score, keyboard (piano-roll… , , , , , ,

Music Made With Linux

Category List

9 Lieder * <> music from Wolfgang Woehl and friends, made with help from Ardour, JAMin, and LADSPA music_made_with_linu… ,
dis-dot-dat * <> music from James Shuttleworth, made with Cheesetracker and Ardour music_made_with_linux and… ,
extudes * <> pieces composed by Frank Barknecht with the help of Pd and MusE music_made_with_linux and_now_for_something_rather_differ… ,
Music Made With Ardour songs and music from Dave Phillips music_made_with_linux and_now_for_something_rather_different ,
NeboGeo * <> music from Dave Griffiths, maker of the incredible SpiralSynth family of Linux music software music_made_with_… ,
pmix & others Ogg and MP3 files from Eric Dantan Rzewnicki music_made_with_linux
Supermarionation An EP by Edinburgh band Supermarionation recorded with Ardour and various LV2 plugins. music_made_with_linux and_now_for_something_rather_d… ,

Music Notation Editors

Category List

ABC a language designed to notate tunes in an ascii format. (This page is the main resource for abc-related packages) abc music_notation_editors ,
ABC Plus Project Enhancements for the ABC language, including “abcpp” (abc preprocessor) and “JedABC” (abc file editor) abc music_notation_editors ,
abcMIDI renders abc score to MIDI file abc music_notation_editors midi_software file_conversion , , ,
ariamaestosa Cross-platform MIDI sequencer/editor. Lets users compose, edit and play MIDI files in a simple user interface offering score, keyboard (piano-roll… , , , , , ,
BoChord a chord typesetting utility music_notation_editors dead_link ,
Canorus Canorus is a free extensible music score editor. It supports note writing, import/export of various file formats, MIDI input and output, scripting and …
ChordCast for_guitarists_only java music_notation_editors , ,
ChordDB a Web-based database front-end that keeps track of chord files (fake sheets), accepts Chord and ChordPro input files, and creates output in PDF, text, …
Chordpack for_guitarists_only music_notation_editors unmaintained , ,
Common Music Notation creates and displays traditional Western music scores music_notation_editors dead_link ,
Denemo Denemo is a music notation program for Linux and Windows that lets you rapidly enter notation for typesetting via the LilyPond music engraver. Music can… , , , , ,
Gscore “a non-page-oriented notation program”, from Sebastien Tricaud music_notation_editors dead_link ,
Gsharp extensible Lisp-based music score editor music_notation_editors
GUIDO a music notation formatting system and server music_notation_editors dead_link ,
GuitarTex for_guitarists_only music_notation_editors ,
Jef's ABC page Extension software for ABC, includes abc2mps (abc files to Postscript) and tclabc (Tcl/Tk interface for abc files) abc music_notation_editors ,
Katmus A Qt4 app for manual music transcription. Features a score editor synchronized with a wave file, time stretching, audio analysis through the fast Fourie…
Laborejo Laborejo, Esperanto for “Workshop”, is used to craft music through notation. It is a LilyPond GUI frontend, a MIDI creator and finally a tool collec… , , , , ,
LilyComp “This program was written to speed up the creation of lead sheets. It just enters notes and rests with the indicated duration.” lilypond music_nota… ,
LilyPond The music typesetter for Linux, outputs TeX, PostScript, PDF, and MIDI files, with an awesome features set and beautiful notation LilyPond-relate… ,
LilyPond Guide For Beginners * <> a set of introductory tutorials from Eugene Cormier lilypond music_notation_editors and_… , , ,
Mup music_notation_editors
MUP Utilities Utilities for use with Mup music_notation_editors
MuseScore MuseScore is a cross-platform scorewriter supporting a wide variety of file formats and input methods. lilypond music_notation_editors ,
MusicXML “... a universal translator for common Western musical notation... designed as an interchange format for notation, analysis, retrieval, and performanc… ,
MusiXTeX * <> full-featured music typesetting via TeX (This page is also the main resource for other TeX-related notation pac… ,
MuX2D graphic editor for MusiXTeX files, from Lukas Gr&uuml;tzmacher music_notation_editors unmaintained ,
Notation Editors Under Linux a look at notation editors for producing sheet music (especially focused on Mup). on-line_articles and_now_for_something_rather_d… , ,
NoteEdit Qt-based notation editor with output in LilyPond, MIDI, and MusicXML formats lilypond music_notation_editors ,
OOoLilyPond a neat macro for inserting LilyPond-created music notation into documents, from Samuel Hartmann lilypond music_notation_editors ,
PMW Philip's Music Writer, an easy-to-use music typesetting program lilypond music_notation_editors ,
Printable Manuscript Paper Blank manuscript in PostScript and PDF formats music_notation_editors
Rosegarden Advanced audio/MIDI sequencer, notation editor, Csound-score producer, score creation from MIDI input and more. Supports plugins (softsynths/effects… , , , , , , , ,
XCircuit a drawing package for X which includes some very nice music typography and outputs Postscript files music_notation_editors

Music Preparation Viewing Utilities

Musicians Utilities

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